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Horizon II Yacht Charter

Horizon II is a 78-foot, purpose-built surf cruiser that has spent the last few years probing the southern/outer atolls of the Maldives, uncovering the secrets of all those distant reefs – how they work, when they work, when to be there.



Horizon II is a 78-foot, purpose-built surf cruiser positioned in the Outer Atolls with Captain Waheed at the wheel. This yacht also has a chef, two deckhands and an English-speaking surf guide.

Horizon II can accommodate up to 12 guests in six air-conditioned cabins, each with en-suite bathroom and two-berths.

The salon/bar offers TV, video, CD player and DVD entertainment. From the top deck all guests enjoy the 360-degree view of the reef, the surf and the atolls that most visitors find endlessly mesmerizing.



Built in 2002, Horizon II is a modern cruising vessel that has been thoroughly refurbished and accommodates up to 12 guests in six comfortable and spacious double bed or twin bed cabins. All cabins have private toilets and hot/cold-water showers.

Meals are good and plentiful, with a variety of European, Asian and seafood dishes served on the shaded foredeck dining table. Horizon II is one of the least expensive boats in the Maldives and is an exceptional value. Onboard entertainment includes DVD players, PAL / NTSC video playback, television, stereo system and indoor board games.


Horizon II spends part of the year as a dive boat, so it’s equipped with a small surf dinghy and also a 10-meter dhoni support boat that will whisk surfers to the reef and watch over them, then take them back to the Horizon II.

Horizon II has all the necessary safety and communications equipment including Marine Radar, VHF, Radio Telephone, mobile phone (most areas) and GPS. Electricity configuration is 220v/50Hz EU standard and she is powered by a 280ps DOOSAN Daewoo engine.



The Surf Season runs from mid February to November, when Low pressure systems in the southern Indian Ocean generate consistent swells. The early part of the season has the most stable weather, with light, favorable winds. Swell consistency and size improves from February, with March through May having very clean conditions.

June to August have the most potential for big swells, although tropical storms can be more common in these months.

September and October are also very consistent months for swell, with winds less variable and tropical storms becoming less frequent. November is still quite consistent for small to medium size waves and the weather is usually perfect for a beach holiday.

Our experienced surf guides will make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

The breaks in the Southern/Outer atolls primarily Gaafu Dhaalu work on a wider range of swell and wind conditions than those of the Inner Atolls so an experienced Outer Atoll guide is essential.

There are about a dozen breaks in the region, including Beacons (R), Castaways (R), Five Islands (R), Love Charms (L), Tigers (L), Bluebowls (R) and Two Ways (L & R).

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

The Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean is known as the flattest country in the world. The highest point in all of the Maldives is less than 10 feet above sea level. That unique geography makes the Maldives wide open to wind, weather and swell.

The Maldives have two seasons based on the monsoons that form over Asia: From November to April is Northwest monsoon season when hot dry air flows toward the equator and over the Maldives. The clear skies from November to April attract snowbirds from all over Europe and the world. This is prime tourist season for the Maldives but not prime surf season.

In April and May at the start of the northern hemisphere summer, Low pressure areas attract cool moist winds flowing from the Indian Ocean in the southwest across the Maldives. The southwest monsoon lasts from May to October, which is also prime surf season as southern hemisphere winter Low pressure systems off Antarctica spray long energy bands NW across the Indian Ocean.



As the Maldives straddle the equator the effects of the Monsoon Seasons are minimized. Rain and wind squalls pass through mainly June through August. Air temperatures are in the 80s and 90s while the water temperature is in the 80s year-around.

To sum it all up, the surf in the Maldives is best from late February through October, with the biggest months, June, July and August often getting rain from the wet winds of the southwest monsoon.

Other Activities Include:

  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Reading
  • Napping
  • Resort island visits for Spa or Dive facilities can be arranged


2020 Package Pricing

The Horizon 2 will be operating in the Outer Atolls. 10 passengers maximum except by special request for exclusive groups. Fly down on Maldivian Air Dash-8 aircraft (maximum board bag 8’6″ & 50lbs); have 10 nights cruising and surfing the zone of your choice; then fly back up to Male’ in time for Singapore Airlines; Malaysian Air and Emirates night flights out of Maldives.

Package Includes

  • Accommodations
  • Meals on board
  • 1.5 ltrs bottled water per day
  • Tea & coffee
  • Support dhoni
  • All surf transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Experienced surf guide
  • Local taxes
  • Inner-atoll flights from Male.

2020 Package Pricing

10 Nights

# of Passengers High Season Rates P/P February 27 – May 09
8 Passengers exclusive $3,323 per person
9 Passengers exclusive $3,024 per person
10 Passengers exclusive $2,783 per person
Individual Open Charters (10 Passenger Max) $3,024 per person


# of Passengers Low Season Rates May 10 – August 19
8 Passengers exclusive $2,700 per person
9 Passengers exclusive $2,465 per person
10 Passengers exclusive $2,283 per person
Individual Open Charters (10 Passenger Max) $2,465 per person


# of Passengers Mid Season Rates P/P August 20 – November 10
8 Passengers exclusive $2,871 per person
9 Passengers exclusive $2,618 per person
10 Passengers exclusive $2,418 per person
Individual Open Charters (10 Passenger Max) $2,618 per person

$750 nonrefundable deposit per person due upon confirmation. Final payment due 90 days prior to departure. Price subject to fluctuation.

2020 Schedule

Dates Availability
February 27 – march 08 9 Spots
March 08 – 18 9 Spots
March 18 – 28 Booked
March 29 – April 08 10 Spots
April 09 – 19 10 Spots
April 19 – 29 Booked
April 29 – May 09 5 Spots
May 10 – 20 10 Spots
May 20 – 30 10 Spots
May 30 – June 09 10 Spots
June 09 – 19 10 Spots
June 20 – 30 10 Spots
June 30 – July 10 8 Spots
July 10 – 20 10 Spots
July 20 – 30 10 Spots
July 31 – August 10 Booked
August 10 – 20 Booked
August 20 – 30 10 Spots
August 30 – September 09 8 Spots
September 10 – 20 Booked
September 20 – 30 9 Spots
September 30 – October 10 9 Spots
October 10 – 20 10 Spots
October 21 – 31 10 Spots
October 31 – November 10 10 Spots

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