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Located in Los Organos, Bungalows Playa Blanca puts you halfway between the Peruvian Pipeline at Cabo Blanco and the city of Mancora a little north.



Located in Los Organos, Bungalows Playa Blanca puts you halfway between the Peruvian Pipeline at Cabo Blanco and the city of Mancora a little to the north. In between and on either side of those two points are a half dozen more points, reefs, and miles and miles of beach break. This is the place for sunshine, tropical water and nights at the low-key beach clubs.

Bungalows Playa Blanca is the surfers choice for anyone wanting to explore the northern, warmer edge of Peru. The Bungalows provide a relaxed atmosphere, thatched roof accommodations that are comfortable and friendly.



Olas Peru Surf Travel uses bungalows at Bungalows Playa Blanca. Matrimonio, Familiar, Triple and Simple are the four available options for WaterWays travelers. All of the bungalows have ocean views, ocean breezes and are steps from the sand and tropical waters.

Each bungalow has a private patio and some are built on stilts to let the cool sea breeze regulate the temperature. Stone floors, beautiful beds, comfortable bathrooms with hot and cold water showers compliment the natural surroundings of the area.

The common area by the pool is a thatch-covered open room with comfortable sofas to relax while watching the ocean and feeling the wind. This is the place to try some of the local drinks, chill out, read a book, play cards and watch the world go by.

The bar and restaurant are the popular places to be for cooling out at the end of the day.



This northern region of Peru is best November to April on big north swells, but does have surf year round and some particularly good spots that break with a Southwest swell. The surf spots within range of Bungalows Playa Blanca, beginning from the south, are:

Panic Point – a dredging left sand bottom point, breaks close to the rocks and best on Southwest swells.

Lobitos is a series of left points, sand over slab rock – Piscina, Muelle, Lobitos, El Hueco – that some compare to Bingin in Bali or a reverse Superbank. Others say the quality of Lobitos depends on how the sand is moving and where it ends up.

Cabo Blanco has become famous as The Peruvian Pipeline – a left reef that is one of the best waves in all of South America.

Nuro is yet another small Peruvian fishing village with a muelle (jetty) and some boats and classic left point to the south of town. Closest to the Bungalows Playa Blanca

Organos is a right/left reef that is considered one of the better waves in Peru, and South America. The left is longer than the right, and the right is very hollow over a rock reef. Black diamond only.

Bungalows is the beach break in front of Bungalows Playa Blanca. The peaks tend to focus into fun lefts created by sand covered rock. Very friendly and playful.

Mancora is home to more than 30 beach resorts and is popular with tourist from all over South America. The main break at Mancora is a left point (surprise! Surprise!). Similar to a reverse Malibu.

Zorritos – more sand covered rocks forming beautiful lefts. This spot picks up a lot of swell and can have chest high waves even when Mancora is flat.

There are also miles of beach breaks going in each direction and also hard to access secret spots south of the city.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

This country that stretches from 3° to 18° south of the equator has water temperature ranging from cold to surprisingly warm. Most of the Pacific Coast of Peru gets less than one inch of rain per year and explains why this coastal region is often described as a lunar like landscape.

The Humboldt Current is the largest upwelling current on the planet, and it flows counterclockwise from the southern tip of Chile to the northern reaches of Peru. The cold water that upwells to the surface is rich with nutrients, and sea life thrives.The Humboldt Current also contributes to the climactic factors that make coastal Peru look like the surface of the moon. Peru is flanked by the Andes which rise as high as 15,000 feet and create a wall separating the cool Pacific air from the more humid air of the Atlantic. This coolness limits the amount of evaporation from the ocean, thereby limiting humidity, which in turn limits the airs ability to retain
sun generated heat. Also, the east side of the Andes soak up all the moisture from air moving to the west, leaving almost nothing to fall on the west side.

Peru has good surf year round, and the time of year you travel may dictate the area in Peru on which you focus. The Southern region around Lima gets big consistent surf year round. Air temps can get into the low 60s in the dead of winter (June/August), and up to the low 80s in the summer (Dec/Feb). Water temps range from 58-68 winter to summer. You’ll get south swell year round in Lima, but winter weather can be unfavorable June through October and the best weather occurs from December through May.

The Central region near Chicama is most consistent during the south swell period April through October, but can pick up big NW swells Dec thru Feb that are less frequent. During the south swell winter the water temps will range from 60-68 degrees, and up into the 70s in the summer. Air temperatures range from 65-80 degrees, with even the winter months having warm days. Northern Peru is never really cold. October through March will see water temperatures from 72-77 degrees and air temps in the mid to upper 80s. During their winter from April through September water temps vary between 65 – 73 degrees with air temperatures still reaching the mid 80s.



Mancora is a popular city for tourists from around South America and around the world so the shopping and the nightlife and the restaurants are quality and popular. Clear waters along the reefs are good for snorkeling, free diving, and regular winds make this a good place for sailboarders and kite surfers. This region still produces some of the biggest marlin in the world for anybody who would like to arrange a day charter.

As with all our Peruvian packages, you may want consider a three night side trip to experience one of the greater wonders of the world such as the lost city of Machu Picchu, Cusco or the headwaters of the Amazon.

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  • 5 nights Bungalow Playa Blanca Accommodations
  • Private Bilingual Surf Guide (Full Day)
  • 4X4 Vehicle including gas, snacks and water
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Use of hotel facilities and equipment
  • Round trip airport transfers (Piura)
  • All hotel taxes and fees
  • Airport meet and greet

5 Night Package Rates 2019 (USD)

High Season December 15 – January 15 / July 25th – 31st / Easter Holiday

Number of Passengers Package Price Extra Night
1 Passenger $ 2,059 per person $ 295 per person
2 Passengers $ 1,259 per person $ 225 per person
3 Passenger $ 925 per person $ 195 per person
4 Passengers $ 759 per person $ 155 per person
5 Passengers $ 655 per person $ 125 per person
6 Passenger $ 590 per person $ 95 per person

5 Night Package Rates 2019 (USD)

Low Season

Number of Passengers Package Price Extra Night
1 Passenger $ 1,945 per person $ 250 per person
2 Passengers $ 1,165 per person $ 195 per person
3 Passenger $ 845 per person $ 155 per person
4 Passengers $ 685 per person $ 125 per person
5 Passengers $ 585 per person $ 95 per person
6 Passenger $ 515 per person $ 75 per person