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Durban/Mozambique Surfaris

African Surfaris is a Durban-based outfit which combines surfaris along the KwaZulu/Natal coast and into Mozambique with traditional safaris to the inland wild game reserves.



African Surfaris is a Durban-based tour outfit that combines surfaris along the coast with traditional inland safaris in the wild game reserves. They know this stretch of coast like the backs of their hands and provide a safe efficient way to experience a stretch of coast where nature is still large and in charge.

Your Guides: African Surfaris is run by South African Dave Renaud and American transplants Justin “Bird” Starrow and Monte Fuller.

Combining their surfing, photography, guiding and First Aid skills with an intimate knowledge of the KwaZulu coastline and Mozambique they regularly lead surfers on the adventure of a lifetime along this coast.

The KwaZulu/Natal coast is dynamic, complicated and requires local knowledge to put together the equation of wind, swell, season and tides. African Surfaris explore the coast in customized 4×4 Land Rovers, which have been battle-hardened for whatever the Eastern Cape has in mind – from raging rivers to stampeding rhinos. Every tour offers at least one day looking for wild game, and a night’s stay in the game reserves.



African Surfaris are a minimum one-week for the Durban/KwaZulu trip and longer if extended to include Mozambique. Surfers fly into Durban and are put up in hotels/self-catering apartments at Umhlanga to the north of Durban or more rustic accommodations south of Durban on a remote right hand point.

Umhlanga is a high-end costal suburb of Durban complete with restaurants, bars, shopping and lively boardwalk. In contrast, the small town environment south of Durban provides little more then clean un-crowded surf and miles of pristine coastline.

Umfoloze & Hluhlue Game Reserve is all about tent camping.  These tents are large permanent structures with cots and bedding.  There is a communal BBQ and restroom facilities.  The tent camp is not a fenced area, so you may expect wild animals to wander through day or night.  Upgraded accommodation packages including park ranger guides are available on request.

Mozambique accommodations are often more flexible depending on the time of year.  Accommodations will range from comfortable clean rooms in the home of an African Surfaris preferred contact, to self catering 1 or 2 bedroom air conditioned cabins and cottages overlooking the beach.

It is possible for you to choose any combination of nights in each style of accommodations in any location.  However, as demand through the season can be high, especially in the game reserve, it is recommended that nights are pre-booked and adhered to in that schedule.




Durban is South Africa’s “surf city” with mile after mile of beach break and rock reefs flowing north and south from the harbor entrance. The waves that you will likely focus on are located 30-90 minutes north and south of Durban and are sand bottom point breaks. The sand on these waves builds up across a rock ledge very similar to J-bay, and break in this same fashion – long and hollow. If the surf is not too big the rock reefs, beach breaks and river-mouths can be great options. If the surf is very big, the Piers in down town Durban are sheltered enough to still break clean at good size – check out the photos.

Well known waves are:

New Pier: One of a series of piers in Durban town center. This wave is long and hollow with a jacking take off caused by the northerly ocean current hitting the pier and wrapping around the top of the pier. The outgoing current and incoming swell collide creating beautiful tubes over sand bottom. The best way out is jumping off the end of the pier and paddling like crazy in the outgoing current – or a longer more arduous paddle from the beach.

Cave Rock: a hollow right-hander that breaks over a shallow rock reef. Best on South Swells and West Winds, this wave has the potential to bless you with the greatest tube of your life or a good thrashing.

Your guides will get you to these waves, or any of a large number of lesser known or secret breaks.


Crossing the border from South Africa into Mozambique there is a classic right point at Ponta de Ouro. The Mozambique coast is mostly beach break up to the port city of Maputo. North from Maputo, the coast swings out to the northeast in a wide arc and the climate changes from sub-tropical desert into a lush tropical landscape with scattered surf spots up to the point breaks around Imhabane.

Near Imhabane there are several long, world-class sand-bottomed points. There are very few local surfers in this area and the crowd will be anyone you brought with you.

The Sand Spit, AKA “ The Mile Long Right” or “The Mozam Super Bank”: This wave hits a sand bar and runs along the beach for as long as you can keep standing on your board! Long barrels are very common. When this spot comes together there is nothing like it in Africa.

Tofino Point: The best and most consistent wave in Inhambane province. It sits directly in front of your house and wakes you up with the sound of cracking barrels. Sand bottom right point – deep tubes and carving turns.

Dino’s Left: Rock reef, best with easterly swell.

Again, this is just a small sampling of surf in Mozambique. This region is still ripe for discovery, and your guides have already laid the groundwork.

Seasons & Weather

Seasons & Weather

In South Africa seasons are reversed to those in the United States. Winter is June to September. Spring is September to December. Summer is December to March. Fall is March to June.

Fall through winter and into early spring (March through October) is the time to be in South Africa for the best wave conditions.

April through October Jeffrey’s will range from 64 to as cold as 54 degrees, Durban from 64 – 72 degrees and once you get into Mozambique expect 76+.



A trip with African Surfaris will detour inland through the Umfolozi & Hluhluwe Game Reserves. These areas have been protected going back to 1895 and it’s here you will see the Big Five game animals running wild and running free: rhinoceros, elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard.

You’ll also see giraffe, zebra, impala, hyena, wild dogs, hippopotamus and crocodiles. Your African Surfaris guide will drive you through the many dirt roads crisscrossing the park to view all the game both big and small.

On/off site activities include:

  • Game Parks
  • Fishing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Wine Tasting
  • Shopping


RATES 2020 (USD)


7 Nights/8 Days

Passengers Price Per Person
1 Passenger $1,990 per person
2 Passengers $1,590 per person
3 Passengers $1,450 per person
4 or more Passengers $1,350 per person


  • Seven nights accommodations including 1 night Hluluwe game park
  • All transportation and airport transfers
  • Surf tours of Kwazulu-Natal Coastline (south and north coast)
  • Breakfast daily
  • One traditional South African Braais (similar to BBQ)
  • Surf guides & host available from 6am – 6pm
  • Local taxes.


9 Nights/ 10 Days

Passengers Price Per Person
1 Passenger $2,400 per person
2 Passengers $1,850 per person
3 Passengers $1,750 per person
4 or more Passengers $1,670 per person

Price subject to change based on currency fluctuations.

Accommodations will range from 4* beach resort hotels to more rustic lodge/bungalow accommodations in Mozambique and the National Heritage Game Reserve.


  • Nine nights accommodations (4-5 nights KwaZulu-Natal Coastline/3 nights Mozambique/1 or 2 nights Hluhluwe Game Reserve)
  • All transportation and airport transfers
  • Breakfast daily
  • 1 traditional South African Braais (similar to BBQ)
  • Surf guides & host available from 6am – 6pm
  • Local taxes


9 Nights/ 10 Days

Passengers Price Per Person
1 Passenger Please make inquiry
2 Passengers $1,990 per person
3 Passengers $1,880 per person
4 or more Passengers $1,780 per person

Price subject to change based on currency fluctuations


  • 9 nights accommodations (2 nights Maputo, 7 nights Point Tofino)
  • All transportation and airport transfers, surf exploration in surrounding areas
  • Breakfast daily
  • 1 traditional South African Braais (similar to BBQ)
  • Surf guides & host available from 6am – 6pm
  • local taxes.

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